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Terms on Use of Website
This Statement contains information about the terms on use of the network. Users who visit this website and associated pages agree to the following terms.

Copyright Statement

1. Unless otherwise indicated, the copyright to the structure, web design, text, images and any other information of the website shall be owned by Shenzhen DESON Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") or the provider. Any other persons or parties shall not copy, modify or make a mirror on the server holding the Company's website or use these contents in other illegal ways.

2. The copyright interests in the content and images and other items independently designed, written and produced by the website, are owned by the Company, so any another persons or parties who require to reprint or otherwise use above information must obtain the written permission of the Company and use the mark indicating the source and copyrights of the Company at the time of use.

3. For any behavior in violation of state laws and regulations, not respect the statement of this website, using the content of this website without the consent of the Company or indicating the source of such content of this website, the Company reserves the right to take legal action and pursue the legal responsibility in such behaviors.

Statement on Company Logo
 Without written authorization from the Company, no unit or individual shall in any way use the Company's text, graphic and other types of signs which can be used to identify the Company or relevant business of the Company.


Although Shenzhen DESON Trading Co., Ltd. has made efforts to provide the latest and accurate information on this website, the Company does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity, credibility and security of website information (including guarantee to be free of computer viruses or other harmful substances) when visitors use the information on this website. The Company does not guarantee that the information provided is suitable for any country either.

Dispute Settlement

All litigation and disputes relating to the Company arising from the use of this website shall be applicable to laws of the People's Republic of China (excluding its conflict of law).

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